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(male announcer) live from the bay area news station, this is the kron 4 news at 11. >> tonight at 11. we're tracking the storm that sent scattered showers all around the bay area today. i'm here at the weather center with brian van aken. brian. what's in store for us tonight and what will the weather be like during christmas? >> it is going to be a completely whit weeken wet weekd however, is being dry in some areas with storms of working offshore. or steady rainfall and even the strong winds. just some showers in the north bay there is a been a lot of rainfall in the south san jose area and evergreen departing. spotty showers north of the san mateo bridge and towards oakland, richmond and the
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north bay. notice the showers every bit heavier. the green is showing light rain, the yellow is showing a bit more moderate. the next storm in this series is going to come in, overnight tonight and early tomorrow with periods of heavy rainfall. and strong winds that could be between 40 m.p.h.-50 m.p.h.! wind advisory and even hail possible thunderstorms. >> here's a look live out golden gate bridge as rain is expected in a few continuing our weather team coverage. kron4's philippe djegal is live out in mill valley. a wind advisory has been issued throughout the bay area. philippe, what should we prepare for. besides more wet weather? >> reporter: possibly power outages and it downed trees and downed power lines. as
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brian mentioned, is picking up on the north area of mill valley 1 0 1 that the freeway is moving the decent. the cars not obstructed but we are going to host paid close attention to the wind with a with a 53 issued by the national weather service with gusting at 45 m.p.h., expected. it will be in effect until 1:00 p.m., tomorrow. the strongest wind gusting at 60 m.p.h.. it that will be on the coast and the hills. if when that does happen paid close attention to the power lines and the trees. you can deceive the you were to you are able to see that with the power lines and trees blowing heavily, you could want to call and a large power company. if you
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do not have enough canned goods? right now could be a good time to start a stock and up. it is picking up a little bit in mill valley. and as i am speaking right now is starting to come down harder. certainly, a different situation expected in just one hour from now. we're just off highway 101 north here in mill valley. right now, it's dry. the freeway hasn't been wet for a few hours. here in the north bay is the wind. the national weather service this means wind gusts of up to 45 miles per hour are the afternoon. in fact, in the hills, the gusts could reach 60 miles per hour. this means pay trees and powerlines. if you don't have a garage there can also be power outages. scenario. >> p-g and e is reporting hundreds of power outages around the bay. as of half an hour ago we learned that 325 homes and business have no electricity in the north bay. falls to 100. in the east bay 18 homes and businesses the central coast.
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>> christmas is only three days away and shoppers are out getting those last minute kron 4's alecia reid is on bay street in emeryville of those deals. . >> reporter: many people's shopping. and it deals. >> i got some jeans and a jacket. >> while there were finishing some had a last- minute shopping. >> i just found out what i should get so i made that decision, brave the rain, the cold, the crowd. >> the traffic was constant. all of the house a was a little bit much. >> it is difficult with the this-hassle--and the traffic hectic last-minute shopping it is a little bit difficult. (caroling) >> reporter: some of the entertainment was enjoyed by
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some. >> i love the atmosphere, a lot of people for be it is fun. >> reporter: walking a round can build an appetite so of course it is only right to grab something. >> we are going to grab some pizza. >> week robbed some hot dog, because we're hungry. we just-grabbed--a hot dog... banta went to h & m, and victoria's secret. >> the good news is that there is is still time to grab your caps. alecia reed kron 4 >> a deadly head-on crash on highway 1-0-1 killed a novato man this afternoon. it happened north of the central san rafael off ramp. c-h-p say the novato man lost control of his car and hit a call box and then veered sthrough all 3 lanes. they say he went over the center divider and hit a car in the southbound lane. there were 2 kids and 2
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adults in the other car. they were transported to the hospital suffering moderate injuries. c-h-p is still investigating what caused the man to lose control of his car. >> for the ban of assault weapons protested in san francisco this afternoon. members of the brady campaign laid on the cold concrete of justin hermin plaza earlier today. the brady campaign and others like them are mobilizing to keep the dialogue following the connecticut school shooting in the forefront of their fight to ban assault weapons. >> it's unfortunate what we have said what has to happen, how many people have to die, what age the people have to be to really make a solid change in this country and unfortunately we have seen what that tragedy has been. >> the campaign is hopeful, that their pleas finally reached the president himself. mister obama put vice president joe biden in charge of a task force that will present a set of gun control recommendations to the president next month. the brady campaign hopes that it will bring change
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this time around. >> coming up! a bay area family in the semi-finals of a nationwide competition. the prize money will be going to a local school district if they win. details, next! plus a community continues to mourn. as they bury the remaining victims of the school shooting massacre. what's in store for the surviving students.
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a concord family is one of the finalists in a nation wide home christmas decoration competition with a huge prize going to the local school district if they win. kron four's jeff bush shows us the house and how much they are hoping to win. >> jason and deseree branscom heard about the competition and decided to go for it. they are trying to win $100 grand from (electronic voice) it's the most wonderful time of the
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year. >> reporter: the branscom home is one of 25 other homes in the nationwide contest for most >> ofthere's a lot of competition and we're hoping that concord can pull through. there's 25 nice houses on the site but concord, that's our area so we're hoping for the best. >> reporter: they have more santas than you can shake a stick at and just about every other christmas decoration you can imagine. >> we got about 12 blowups and about 25 different sleighsabout eight different christmas trees. >> reporter: jason and deseree say they are doing it for the school district because they know the money can be put to good use. the word is out and the house is becoming the most famouse one in the neighborhood. a steady stream of visitors have been coming by every night. >> my great grandaughterand, we went by and we saw it and that's why we stopped by because she likes lights in christmas.
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>> reporter: the branscum family spent more than six days putting all this together and used more than 30,000 christmas lights. i'm jeff bush in concord, kron four news. >> the live stormtracker 4. and unser francis drake some light/market rainfall.
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>> of the interstate-80 near truckee. take a look,, leave your wipers up and a greattrick... a couple of additional inches expected to.we do have some rainfall in the bay area and in and around a san francisco and of the north bay. as for take a look at a sommersville, the pockets of yellow showing heavier rainfall. the self gavthe south, lithis is towards morgan hill, with this allied
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intermountain. the futurecast shows that as we go for the morning hours, intermittent. we will see steady, widespread rainfall for the morning tomorrow. it will become heavy as we get into later morning hours by 10:00 a.m., a 11:00 a.m., moderate/heavy at times. you will see that we could see noon, the back edge of that storm. improvements, as it sweeps through. i think that by 4:00 most of the rainfall is it done. we could see some thunderstorms with small hail as we see some unstable air maiand as far as how much rainfall we could expect? there could be
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three-inches with bursts through the hills in the santa cruz mountains. here is a look your kron 4 7 day around the bay with going forward we will notice that at least one troy day for monday. the clouds will be on the increase with one dry day on monday. there rainfall will not be as happy for tomorrow. lingering showers on wednesday and clearing for possibly for the weekend. >> police in berkeley are warning residents to be on the lookout for cell phone thieves who have been taking advantage of some people's willingness to help others. there are several reports of cell phone thefts where a suspect asks to use a victim's phone. often claiming that they need to call a sick relative. the suspect then takes the phone and flees in a nearby vehicle according to police. a few prevention measures can go a long way to reduce the risk of theft. police are advising people to avoid lending their phone to strangers and to not use your cell phone
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while outside alone. a contra costa county employment and human services worker has been arrested and charged for allegedly stealing food stamp funding. tina crosby was arrested on thursday on suspicion of embezzling public funds. falsifying records. and identity theft. an investigation by the district attorney's office and crosby's work revealed that she had embezzled a little over five-thousand dollars in public funds. crosby is being charged with four felonies and is facing a maximum sentence of four years in prison. this weekend marks the sixth anniversary for the fatal shooting of san francisco police officer bryan tuvera. you are looking at footage from a dedication ceremony in 2007. tuvera was killed while trying to detain marlon ruff. an escapee from a state correctional work camp. ruff fled into a home near 25th avenue and lawton street in the sunset. shortly after he opened fire on the police officers as they tried to enter the home. fatally wounding tuvera. in previous years the police department has honored tuvera by holding candlelight vigils and walks in the neighborhood
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where he was, glide memorial church is spreading some more holiday cheer. they hosted a toy giveway for families in need. hundreds of kids packed a building in san francisco. they received bags filled with toys in them just in time for christmas. one parent shares how important this program is to >> there are children that are in need some families cannot afford to buy toys. >> her family.san francisco giants mascot lou seal also stopped by to help hand out toys for the children. glide memorial church will also hold a special prime rib luncheon on christmas eve. it's sponsored by joe betz and san francisco's house of prime rib. it'll all take place at 330 ellis street in san francisco from 11 a-m until 2 p-m. >> in national news. the students who survived the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary will return
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to class after the new year school in a school at a neighboring town. the students will attend chalk hill school in the town of monroe.about eight miles away from newtown. crews and volunteers are working around the clock to make sure the school looks identical to sandy hook elementary school. chalk hill hasn't been used as a school since june 2011.meanwhile, funerals and memorial services are wrapping up for the 26 people killed in newtown, just over a week ago. services were held in connecticut for 7-year-old josephine gay and 6-year- old ana marquez-greene. while another service in utah was held for 6-year-old emilie parker. some victims' family members are joining the gun control debate following the massacre at sandy hook elementary. cnn's anderson cooper spoke with the mother of 6-year- old shooting victim noah pozner. >> they were here, and they mattered. they all had families and they mattered. and so did all of the educators who died that day. they all mattered. they all had families, they all had friends. they all had - you
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know, if i asked everybody in this world who has ever loved someone, who has ever had a human being in their life who was essential to their well being to raise their hand, i don't think there would be many hands down in this world. and every one of those hands is a reason why those weapons should not be out in the general public. >> while the president has promised "real reforms" on gun laws, the n-r-a pushes to have an armed security guard in every school. and for the very latest on the gun control debate, chris monzingo has the details. >> reporter: as the last of the newtown school shooting victims are buried today a renewed debate about gun control has heated back up. late friday new jersey gov chris christie came out against posting armed guards in schools.. >> "i'm not someone who believes that having multiple armed guards in every school is something that will enhance the learning environment and thats our first responsibility inside the school." >> reporter: the gov was responding to the national rifle association's proposal to create a program that would train volunteers on
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gun use to guard schools nationwide. and as executive vice president of the n-r-a wayne lapierre says the best way to ensure safety for our children is to have qualified armed security. >> "the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." >> reporter: retired la county sheriff deputy ed knutsen agrees. >> "the only way to fight fire is with fire so if you got somebody thats armed and your not your part of the problem, not part of the solution." >> reporter: for others, the solution starts with tougher legislation on assault weapons and background checks. democratic party chair debbie wasserman says she doesn't believe the nra is listening to the country. >> "the nra i would say they are tone deaf but its beyond that.they're just deaf. they have completely ignored dont understand, dont deeply wounded this nation was." >> reporter: still, in a poll taken right after the connecticut shootings, less than half of the public believes government and society can take action to prevent future gun violence but that's up 13 points from the arizona shootings and since the newtown tragedy 43 percent of the people
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are more likely to support gun control. i'm chris monzingo >> take a look at this. a moment of sheer terror for any mother -- seeing her child in a shopping cart, rolling out of control, down a hill - and toward a highway. it was all caught on camera - and thankfully the baby is safe tonight thanks to a quick- thinking of a police officer. let's replay the video. from the dashboard camera of officer adam brunclik. the wisconsin officer was on patrol when he spotted this child in a yellow shopping cart. it was just a few feet away from a busy highway - so the officer sped toward the helpless infant. >> officer brunclik: "my immediate reaction was he was traveling fast and so i knew there wasn't an option to stop the cart, but i had to do something to try to stop traffic because it was headed directly towards a busy highway, so." >> chief andrea: "it's not often that officers have
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something like that happen right in front of them, but he was in the right place at the right time. he still had to take action." >> police say the baby's mother was placing another child in the car at the dollar general parking lot. when the shopping cart with the baby rolled away. coming up next. we'll take a look at how your golden state warriors faired in tonights match up with the los angeles lakers. and then we'll tell you why 49ers legend jerry rice may have company as the best reciever in football history. coming up after the break. >> the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year. is always with kron 4. the biggest parties and spectacular fireworks. will all be on kron 4's new year's live show. it is hosted by catherine heenan and gary radnich. kron 4's - new year's live. starts at 11-30 on new years eve.
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>> with the los angeles lakers in town the golden state warriors looked to keep on rolling. and for the first three quarters it appeared as though the warriors were well on their way to victory number 19. instead the lakers overcame a fourteen point deficit in the fourth quarter to force overtime and eventually beat the warriors for a final score of 118-to-115. jarrett jack led the way for the warriors scoring 29 points and david lee added another double-double to his tremendous season. still the lakers proved to be too much. steve nash hit the game winning field goal in his first game back after missing almost two months. saturday night isn't usually reserved for nfl games and jerry rice's single season receiving yards record doesn't ever get broken. until now. detroit lions wide receiver calvin johnson entered the night only needing another 181 yards to eclipse the mark. the lions ended up losing to
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the atlanta falcons 31-to-18 but johnson finished the game with 11 catches for 225 yards. that gives johnson 1,892 yards on the season with one more game left to play. legendary receivers after playing only six seasons in the nfl. jerry rice set the record back in 1995 with 1,848 receiving yards. a record which many believed would never be broken.

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